At Christ Church, we believe that giving back is a way to praise God and share His love with others. There are many paths of stewardship that create meaning and purpose within ourselves and others as we grow closer to God and those around us. Our goal is to support you as we journey together in faith.

Stewardship of Our Children

One of the greatest ways to learn is through example. By giving with a joyful heart, we are affirming that God is a priority for us — and our children.

Stewardship of Finance

The financial contributions to the church make our current operations, activities, and events possible. We can use our resources for church-based outreach and make a difference within our community.

Stewardship of Our Talents

There are many ways to contribute to the church. God has blessed us with our own talents that we are passionate about, and sharing those talents with others is another way to give back to the church.

Stewardship of Our Community

As we grow closer to God, we often find that we also grow closer to others. Caring for those in need, such as the elderly, disabled, or lonely, are all ways in which we develop meaning and purpose far beyond ourselves. It is an expression of passing on God’s love that He has for us and sharing the joy that simple acts of kindness can bring.